Calgary Music Theory Lessons

Students can start learning Music Theory as early as 5 years old.

Calgary Music Theory Lessons

Students learn how to read, analyze, and compose their own music. Students also learn eurhythmics (learning music through movement) and ear training (recognizing modes and intervals). Stories about the great classical composers, their lives, and their music are be shared.

What is Music Theory?

Music Theory is the language of music which helps us understand how music works.

It teaches musical notation, pitch, scales, modes, rhythm, melody, harmony along with the expressive qualities and analysis.

Learning these special tools will give you the ability to compose, improvise and perform music just like a real musician.

Based on Royal Conservatory of Music, Community Music Studios offer Music Theory in three levels:

  • Basic Rudiments (Preliminary Rudiments)
  • Intermediate Rudiments (Grade 1 Rudiment)
  • Advanced Rudiments (Grade 2 Rudiments)
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