Calgary Violin Lessons

Students can start learning how to play violin as early as 5 years old.

Calgary Violin Lessons

The violin is a wonderful instrument to begin as early as age five. The study of the violin develops musicality, ear training, finger dexterity, pitch recognition and rhythmic skills; it also foster a student’s creativity, musical expression and appreciation, helps develop a high spatial I.Q. and boosts mathematical and science skills. In the lessons, students will learn the proper position for holding the instrument and bow, bow technique, proper finger placement, tone production and note reading. The focus will be on learning the solo literature with ample opportunities to perform in recitals and with other students.

There are different sizes of violin available, for 1/16 to 4/4 size depending on the students grows. Community Music Studios instructors will be happy to assist you to choose the proper size of the instrument.

Some of the violin methods Community Music Studios instructors are using:

  1. Suzuki Violin School
  2. All For Strings
  3. A Tune A Day
  4. Royal Conservatory Examinations for violin
  5. and others violin methods…
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