Calgary Guitar Lessons

Students can start learning how to play Guitar as early as 5 years old.

We offer 2 different Guitar playing styles:

1. Popular Guitar (requires acoustic steel guitar or electric guitar)
Calgary Guitar Lessons

Students mostly use a pick to play the strings. Guitar is a popular late-blooming instrument for students. Students can learn any style of their choosing from Bach to Nirvana or Segovia to Wes Montgomery. Students learn fundamental note reading and guitar technique while learning to play and transribe their own music. All guitar lessons are private which allow students to learn and excel at their own pace.

Some of the guitar methods we use:

  • Baldwin 21st Century Guitar method
  • Wolf Marshall Electric Guitar Coarse
  • and others Popular Guitar methods…
2. Classical Guitar (requires acoustic nylon string guitar)
Calgary Guitar Lessons

Students will learn a classical technical foundation using a combination of pedagogical teaching methods that emphasize both learning/performing music by rote (ear) and from music. Classical guitar technique is the underpinning of all good guitar-playing styles. Once a student has learned this technique he/she can use it to play many different styles of music.

The learned technical and musical foundation will build proper hand position, posture, good tone and sound production, correct finger placement, tonal comprehension and musical awareness. Students will learn how to read music and how to use the guitar to figure out songs themselves. There will be opportunities to performing recitals and with other students.

Guitar methods our teachers use:

  • Mel Bay Classical Guitar
  • Modern Approach to Classical Guitar by Charles Duncan
  • Royal Conservatory Examinations for classical guitar
  • and others Classical Guitar methods…
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